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Betsy S. Franz

Freelance writer and photographer ~ appreciating, sharing and protecting the wonders of the world.

Hello! I am a freelance writer and photographer specializing in the Green movement, nature, wildlife, the environment and both humorous and inspirational human interest topics. My articles and photographs have appeared in many publications including Florida Gardening, Florida Sportsman, E - The Environmental Magazine, BassTimes, Spirituality and Health, Florida Wildlife, South Carolina Wildlife, Spaces and others.
I'm an avid environmentalist and a complete critter loving nature nerd, working hard to educate and encourage others to stop, look and appreciate the wonders around them so that they may learn how to Take Care of Their Share of the planet.

My motto: "I don't just hug trees. I fondle flowers and caress critters and play in the dirt!"

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I love to hear from fellow nature nerds and photographers and anyone else who just wants to say hello!

I developed a love of nature and wildlife at a very early age.