Betsy S. Franz

Freelance writer and photographer ~ appreciating, sharing and protecting the wonders of the world.

Photos always free for use by nature writers, science teachers, etc. if attribution provided.

List of Articles


Butterflies pollinate many plants and crops, ensuring the production of seeds and fruits required for the continued survival of plants, animals and humans. They are also a valuable source of food for songbirds. Despite their benefits, they are voracious, but picky eaters. One butterfly can lay enough eggs to wipe out an entire garden full of their preferred plant. Read More

Bobcats in Florida

The Florida Bobcat (Lynx rufus floridanus) is one of only two species of wild feline in Florida. The other species is the Florida panther (Felis concolor coryi). Not as big as a panther, bobcats average about 36 inches in length, and weigh between 15 – 35 lbs.  Read More


What other creature can amaze us with feats such as flying backwards, upside down or hovering in mid-air? They are the smallest bird in the world and yet eat more food than any other bird species (up to half their body weight per day). They have the fastest wingbeat of any bird (up to 90 beats per second) and the highest metabolic rate of any known animal.  Read More